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Promotional Products Buying Tips

Buying promotional products can be a fun but overwhelming part of any marketing program. There are over 700,000 standard promotional products and promotional items to choose from - an amount that would stun the most experienced shopper of marketing giveaways!

At Add Imprints, we try to provide only quality promotional products that will be done on time and on budget. We do not show all 700,000 products- who really needs to see 500 black mugs? Unlike a lot of other promotional product websites, we personally tour factories and try products in order to choose the best promotional product with the best value. For example, there are a lot of bargain travel mugs out there. Some of them have different problems such as lower grade stainless steel, lids that leak, bad imprints or just an overall lack of quality. We have personally tried our custom mugs including the desktop custom coffee mugs and are confident that they will stand up to the test of time. We do our homework so that when you receive your promotional products, you will be happy and satisfied.

We are not the biggest promotional product site on the web, and are proud of it - we offer only quality products personally selected by our staff!

Unique Promotional Products with Creativity

At Add Imprints- we love to be creative with our Promotional Products! We will develop and create presentations showing a large number of creative promotional product ideas that will help you look good to your boss and your customers. Our sales staff is educated in what promotional products are available for any sort of industry or organization. Need a promotional product in lime green with a retail look? We can propose the best promotional product options for almost any scenario! Think of AddImprints as a free advertising agency. We want to be tested! Will a cheap pen really match your client's needs? Can anything be had for under a dollar and still be creative? Ask our staff!

Traditional Promotional Products

Just because a promotional product has been overused in the past does not make it appreciated by your customers or employees. Promotional pens are one of the oldest and widest distributed promotional products in the world and for good reason. The average bargain promotional pen is owned by eight owners over two years, an executive pen for a lifetime! The secret is to make it a pen that people will appreciate for its styling and quality.

Promotional tote bags are one of the most popular trade show gifts and for good reason. When you go to a trade show, you will need to carry around the items from the booths you visit - brochures, other promotional giveaways, business cards, etc. This is a perfect reason to give a bag away. Most people will be giving out little plastic promotional items that will be tossed or put in a drawer. If you give out a promotional tote bag, your logo will be seen on the trade show floor and will be used a home and when you travel. A nice tote bag will be valued for years to come!

Executive Promotional Products & Executive Gifts

Holiday Gifts and Executive Gifts are always a tricky subject. The more expensive promotional products usually go to your best clients or executives within your company - but is it an executive gift that they will like or use?

Some companies try to push items that will have their logo pop out - even on high end executive gifts. We feel, however, that on a $75 leather portfolio or a $50 wine gift set, the logo should be subtle so it will be used every day! For portfolios, we have a great decoration method called blind debossing that will show your logo but in a subtle way - much like Coach Leather does with their retail items. For the wine gift sets - the executive does not want a custom logo that is printed in a bright neon red. They will never use that gift. Instead, a subtle laser engraving or a deboss on the gift box will provide an executive promotional gift that will be used without embarrassment at the nicest gathering.

Trade Show Gifts and Giveaways

Trade Show Giveaways are always a great way to show your clients that you are more creative than your competition. One way we suggest to stand out at your next trade show is what we call the multi tier gift. For the majority of people who visit your booth and are just browsing, we suggest the more economical trade show gift like a custom jotter or a LED key light. Conferences combined with tradeshow booths require slightly different giveaways - perhaps custom notepads, promotional pens, or promotional jotters for participants to use during the workshop portions.

However, for that person who visits your booth who you truly want as a future client and customer, have a higher end promotional product that you can pull from under the table - something that will leave an impression. This method has been quite successful in both keeping trade show promotional budgets under control and resulting in qualified business leads! Call our sales staff, ask for the some of out unique trade show giveaways and promotional products.

We often meet with factory representatives and go to trades shows and conventions showcasing thousands of new products. Instead of spending hours browsing the web for the coolest item, just give us a call and we can come up with some unique promotional products! We email ideas that may not even be on our website - call us at 905-761-1000 and we can help you with your next marketing giveaway! 

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